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Sharathon, Day 2: Everyone Has a Story

04.08.11 | Darcie Schwarz | Comments[3]

I worked as a phone operator this morning, answering the calls of people feeling led by God to support Sharathon. Most folks called in with a faith promise. Some called in for personal prayer. Others called to say they couldn’t support this ...

Sharathon, Day 1: Wear What You Want

04.08.11 | Terese Main | Comments[1]

Somehow in the middle of all the planning that happens before Sharathon, someone thinks to send out a list of which shirts to wear each day.

Why Is a Monthly Contribution So Important?

03.31.11 | Rick Snavely | Comments[0]

At Family Life we are so grateful for every Faith Partner whose sacrificial giving helps to make this ministry possible.

We are more...

10.16.10 | Comments[2]

Are you being called to a great adventure?

There are 2 five o'clocks?

10.14.10 | Comments[0]

We are not alone in this...

Time spins so quickly...

10.13.10 | Comments[1]

Time brings change - and change can be scary.

Of Being Obedient And Available...

04.10.10 | Comments[71]

When God changes things, it's always for the best.


04.10.10 | Comments[1]

We are part of something bigger... much bigger.

The Focus

04.09.10 | Comments[3]

Maintaining focus is tough - and it may be more important than you think.

All You Need Is Love...

04.09.10 | Comments[2]

The best part of Sharathon

The Highs And The Lows

04.08.10 | Comments[0]

In spite of the highs and lows - God is mighty to save


04.08.10 | Comments[2]

Change can be scary - but that doesn't mean it's not good.

Sharathon... again

04.07.10 | Comments[0]

Just another Sharathon? Think again...

Interesting Sharathon Facts

03.31.10 | Rick Snavely | Comments[2]

1. The Family Life Network’s budget for this fiscal year is $4,932,498 to operate 15 stations, 54 translators, the Internet site, plus help finance the personal ministry activities to youth, adults and senior citizens. 2. About 83% of ...