Being Thankful Together

11.14.11 | Darcie Schwarz | Comments[15]

Thanksgiving is here once again, and once again, our hearts are full. We love and thank God for the richness of his blessing on our lives individually and corporately, as Family Life.  We also thank the Lord for you—the Saints—and everything you do to support the ministry with your time, love and sacrificial giving. How wonderful is the Body of Christ! The Lord uses people, circumstances, companies and ministries to share and multiply his divine blessing in awesome ways. Ways in which we don’t expect. There’s something eternal and amazing about standing in awe of a supreme, all-knowing God who cares for us and can do far more than we can imagine. Wow.

So with a spirit of gratitude, and deep appreciation, we want to share Family Life’s “Thank You” list with you.  And because gratitude grows when its shared, we’re hoping you’ll do the same.

Family Life is thankful for its many, MANY volunteers.

Emily Oliver, Events Director:  “We literally couldn't pull off the events and concerts we do without the help of so many dear servants. Often there are more volunteers helping with an event than we have staff, which means volunteers have many important interactions with the public. Not only do they represent Family Life well, they represent Christ at work, with loving arms and dedicated hearts.

Family Life is thankful for a successful Fall Sharathon.

Terese Main, Program Director:  This past Sharathon was truly amazing. Much of our listening area had been affected by flooding and people were struggling. In fact, economic troubles were everywhere. It was as if God was testing our trust.  During Sharathon, several stations were even knocked off the air due to major storms. But in the end, God provided! We’re so thankful that He does the hard stuff. Stay obedient to God’s Word and the results are His. What a weight to have lifted!

Family Life is thankful for its Holy Land trip to Israel.

Debbie Fero, Event Coordinator:  “I am thankful that 47 Holy Land pilgrims had the opportunity of a lifetime last September—to walk where Jesus walked! The sights, sounds and experiences in Israel truly made their Bibles come alive. Not only did everyone learn about the rich history of this nation, but their hearts were forever changed with a new love for the holy place where “God came near.”

Family Life is thankful to have so many church partners.

Katie Bernier, Youth Resources:  It’s incredible the number of churches we work with on a revolving basis. The Body of Christ is a resource we couldn’t do without.  I am very thankful for their giving hearts since many churches supply Family Life with event locations, volunteers and what seems to be an endless amount of encouragement and prayer. I literally could not accomplish my youth work without my church partners.”

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Please tell us! We love hearing from our listeners.


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on 11.15.11 Deb~ commented

I am grateful to have realized the truth of Gods word on all areas. Not only does He show us the way to salvation.... His word is an instruction manual for how to make and keep our mind and body sound. He guides us into the right way of thinking and reacting not only for our own well being, but that of others and for use in His kingdom on earth. SO grateful to have Family Life in MY life ! You are used to guide us in His word and ways. Amazed to KNOW that He planned even where I would live in order to grow me with the help of all of you.

on 11.16.11 Carol commented

I am thankful for my husband and daughters. God has richly blessed me with a loving Christian family. Thanks Lord!

on 11.16.11 Darcie commented

Your comments blessed my heart so I feel compelled to share more. I am thankful to work for Family Life, a ministry where I've grown leaps and bounds in the Lord. I have learned some tough lessons since being in ministry, but when you hang in there with God, and stay faithful to his leading in your life, He masterfully opens a world of blessing before your very eyes. It's like watching a stream rush through a dry desert where there wasn't a drop of water before. I'm also thankful for my fiance - a loving man of God who I can't wait to marry. He was brought in by that stream. :)

on 11.16.11 Lily commented

I am thankful to God for all the blessings he has given me. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day when we can thank God for all we have.

on 11.18.11 Rachelle Renee` commented

I am so thankful for my husband and our two little boys. What a joy to my life they are. I've also been so blessed by the extended family that God has allowed me, some of them connected genetically & others through the family tree rooted in Jesus. Thank you God for Family :o)

on 11.18.11 CindyKay Clark commented

I am thankful for just being able to get up every morning and start a new day that the Lord has made for me. God has blessed me with a christian husband, two loving sons, a special daughter-in-law, and 4 wonderful, very very loved grandchildren. I choose to count my blessings on this Thanksgiving and everyday that God gives me. I am so thankful for Family Life. I listen to you M-F at work. It is so comforting to have you there. I could write a 2 page letter, but I won't. God Bless everyone this holiday season.

on 11.19.11 sue bostaph commented

I am so thankful for answered prayer, for friends and family, both natural and church family. I am thankful for FLN and the programming and the internet streaming, especially Gentle Praise. So many timies the music helps to get through a rough moment. Especially thankful for a personal relationship with a God who cares and provides all the other things that I am thankful for.

on 11.19.11 Debra Sweeney commented

I am thankful for the four children God has blessed me with & the 13, yes, 13 beautiful grandchildren. I am so thankful for my church family & the love & prayers of all friends & family through my time of recent unemployment due to medical. My belief, faith & prayer in Jesus & His Word are what gets me through each day as well as the love, prayers & compassion of others. I am truly thankful & blessed.

on 11.20.11 Gina Yarrish commented

I am so thankful for God and the life I have. For being adopted by the best parents ever. For my husband and his never ending support and love. My children, family and friends. I am also so gratiful for finding First Congregational United Church of Christ in Harford, PA. I am very thankful and blessed.

on 11.21.11 Mark J. Ferrentino commented

I am Eternally thankful for the Cross. Jesus Shed His Atoning Blood for my sin which kept Him upon the Cross. God the Father raised Jesus from the dead destroying sin, death and Satan. The tomb is empty! Eternal life in Jesus Christ is mine and I will see Him face to face and worship Him forever!
My Church family at Wheatland Community Church is a Blessing in my life. There are core friends and accountability partners so appreciated in this abundant life Jesus has given me. What a privilege we have that God allows us to be part of His Heavenly plan giving us the opportunity to make a difference. May every man,woman and child have a repeated opportunity to see and hear the life saving Gospel Message of Jesus Christ!

on 11.21.11 Dale -JUDI commented

Thanks Family Life for your Prayers support Kind words since last nov.16th 2010.So great knowing friends who lift you up in pray when we were pressed on all sides,by things out of our control.God is in control(ONE TRUE GOD!!!) THANKS SOOOO MUCH!! RICK-JEFF AND ALL THE STAFF!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO TO GIVE YOU A GOOD REPORT OF GODS ANSWER TO ALL OF OUR PRAYERS-I KNOW THE ANSWER IS ON THE WAY.PRAISE HIS NAME!!!!!

on 11.22.11 Elizabeth commented

I am thankful that my family has found a new church home with Eastern Hills Wesleyan and that we are growing closer to Christ every day.

on 11.22.11 Pam commented

I have thanked God my whole life for his furry critters. With out them my life would have no meaning and I would be totally alone. I have 8 rescue kitty's, 2 pup, and I rescued 2 birds and they blessed me with a baby, Jezzit. I thank God he has given me this gift. Its exspensive, rewardable, yet painful in the end. I have rescued so many I cannot count. "Oh" I have many a time stopped traffic and ran up the middle of the road to save a life.

on 11.23.11 Pat commented

I am so thankful for God's mercy and love that invades our lives and grips us whether or not we want it to. His mercy, His grace, His love, extends into the deepest of souls no matter what we have done or been through. "Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance:" Romans 2:4 (KJV) Praise the Lord for HE IS GOOD!

on 11.23.11 Deb Ackley commented

What A BLESSING to peek in and see more of the Family Life FAMILY posting!

Happy Thanksgiving siblings in Christ (c:

SO THANKFUL to be in this land of plenty~ with children that know that God IS~ and a husband who will someday know Christ as his savior.