29-in-29: Watching God at work

02.07.12 | Rick Snavely | Comments[0]

29-29-LogoThe 29-in-29 Club began several days ago and we're already seeing God at work. The ministry has to make essential equipment purchases for the radio network, and the Lord put an idea on our minds to help raise the funds. There are 29 days in February and we're asking listeners to prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift of $29 this month.

Since the start of February, many have blessed Family Life with their prayers and giving. But the greatest blessing we experience here is the joy of watching God work in the hearts of people.

I want to share a testimony with you that wonderfully uncovers how God touches hearts and increases the faith of his people, causing them to step out in great faith. I pray it inspires you to know the Lord even better.

From a listener…

"Last week when you announced the 29-in-29 fund drive, I thought to myself: “It would be cool to give 29 x 29 or $841.” Finances are tight, and although giving that amount was possible, it would have taken funds reserved for other savings to make the donation.  I prayed that if this was what the Lord wanted us to do, he would bring it to my mind again the next day. Life has been busy, but each day since, the thought came to me. So my intention has been to send the check.  Just a few minutes ago, my boss walked in and told me that I was receiving a bonus. (We have received bonuses in the past, however, they’re unexpected so we don’t budget for them.) This time, the amount of the bonus was totally surprising—significantly higher than past bonuses." 

The ways in which God provides are endless and inspiring. Thank you to all our listeners for stepping out in faith. We are blessed by the care of our Heavenly Father, but overjoyed to know the reason for his care. He loves us and desires to spread his kingdom through us. What a wonder to know him more each day.


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