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Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

For directions click the following link: Family Life

Last summer Family Life began a campaign called “Finish the Job!” Of the six major projects we’re pleased to report that two of those projects are now completed! The construction of WCGF in Cambridge Springs, PA was finished late last summer, and Family Life’s first “super translator” went on the air this past January in Rochester. But there is still a number of projects needing completion. These projects include:

The moving of WCIK (Bath) to a new site.
A "super translator" to reach a larger area of central PA.
The moving of WCOH's tower site in DuBois.
Completing the Buffalo "super translator" project.
Translator construction and improvements in NY and PA.
The replacement of older, failing transmitters for the Spencer, Jamestown and Friendship stations.

On Wednesday, July 16 Family Life will hold a one-day drive to help us “Finish the Job!” with each of these upgrade projects. Your support is not only very much appreciated but also critical in allowing the radio programming, that has helped so many individuals and families, to reach even more people with a quality signal. We received an e-mail recently from a family who bemoaned the fact that they just can’t listen as they would like to because of the static. That family is one that will benefit from a “Finish the Job!” project in their area.

Join us on July 16 and see how the Lord uses your generosity. If you cannot be part of that day's fund drive, you can contribute beforehand.