Family Life Day of Hope – Tuesday March 31, 2020 – Hourly Prayer Focus


6am – We pray for those Infected with the COVID-19 Virus.  We as for God’s comfort and healing, and His provision for the necessary medical care.


7am – We pray for people who are Most At-Risk from COVID-19. Those over age 60 and people with other underlying health conditions.  We ask the Lord to keep them safe and healthy.


8am – Healthcare Professionals. We ask for God’s protection for all of our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are so bravely on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19


9am – People who’ve Lost Jobs and Wages. We ask the Lord for His provision for all those who are struggling because of a lost job and income.  May He sustain them and meet all their needs during this time.


10am – Those Dealing with Anxiety & Fear. Father, we pray that they would be comforted by your embrace. That they would remember your promise to never leave us. That they would be at peace knowing your mercy, goodness, and love.


11am – Local, State, and Federal Leaders. We ask for God’s blessing and wisdom to be with those in charge so that they would follow His lead in making decisions that affect all of our lives


2pm – The Church. In this time of crisis and uncertainty, we pray that hearts would be moved to seek out our Lord. That they would come to know Jesus and commit their lives to Him.  And that the church would lead the way in providing peace, hope, and calm in the storm.


3pm – Parents.  We pray for all parents who have children that are suddenly home for an extended time.  We ask God to sustain them with stamina and patience, and to bless them with wisdom on how to talk to their children about what’s happening in a way that they will understand.


4pm – Children.  We pray for all children, especially those who are worried or anxious over changes they cannot understand.  We ask God to cover them with His peace, and to make sure that they know that of His great love, now and forever.


5pm – Researchers and Scientists.  Lord, we lift up to you all those who are working so hard to find a cure or vaccination for COVID-19. Father, lead them, guide them, and protect them. 


6pm – First Responders. We pray for our police, military, EMT’s, and everyone responding to emergency situations.  We ask for God’s hand of protection to be around them at all times.


9pm – The Homeless. “So the last shall be first, and the first shall be last”. Father God, we ask a special prayer that you would help those without a home to find a place where they will be safe and protected from the virus and all that’s happening in our country.


10pm – Teachers. As most of our teaching community finds themselves having to educate their students remotely, we ask for the Lord to bless their work and to help them cope with this new normal.


11pm – Everyone Working Remotely. Help them Lord to remain focused, positive, and productive as they work remotely, and help them to avoid any sense of isolation as You are always with us.