Romans 9:23-24 10/20/16

10.20.16 | Justin Dix |

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The apostle Paul is writing to Roman believers about the basis of their salvation.

Romans 9:23-24  He also has the right to pour out the riches of His glory upon those He prepared to be the objects of His mercy -- even upon us, whom He selected . . . (NLT)

It's wonderful to consider God's default desire to bless!  After humanity sinned in Eden, God was under no obligation to do anything to provide a means of redemption; yet He pro-actively sent His Son.  Jesus is the only means by which you can have sins forgiven and experience a personal relationship with God.

None of us deserve forgiveness -- but God has reached out and is reaching out to all who will receive His gift.  If you feel a tugging at your heart to trust God for His forgiveness; do so, and in so doing become forever an object of His mercy.








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