Mark 10:34 04/15/19

04.15.19 | Justin Dix |

Monday, April 15, 2019

The apostle Mark writes of Christ announcing again to the disciples of His coming death.

Mark 10:34 [Jesus said of Himself] “They will mock Him and spit on Him, and scourge Him and kill Him, and 3 days later He will rise again.” (NASB)

Even though the disciples all fled when Jesus was arrested in the Garden, it shouldn't have been a surprise!  This was the third time Jesus had made a point of telling the disciples of His coming death.  Here, Jesus offers the additional detail that He would be mocked, spat upon, and flogged!

Everything Christ endured for you was no match for His omnipotent power as the Son of God -- who defeated death and rose again!  After asking the Father if this cup could pass from Him, it seems the Holy Spirit strengthened the Savior's resolve and He "set His face like flint" to fulfill His mission as Redeemer.








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