Luke 18:1

09.22.16 | Justin Dix | Comments[2]

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The apostle Luke recalls Jesus' call to pray when facing the impossible.

Luke 18:1  Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.  (NIV)

The "parable" is a story of a widow being persecuted and harassed by someone.  The widow brought her case to a judge, known to be corrupt.  This judge did not care for the woman and no moral argument would sway him.  Yet, the woman by her persistence gave the judge no rest.  Finally, to stop the woman's pleas he gave up and gave her justice!  When you find yourself in a hopeless situation -- remember -- you have One you can turn to in prayer.  One who will not dismiss your needs or delay His answer.

Ray Stedman writes, "It is the answer of prayer; of simply crying out to a God we cannot see but whom we can rest upon, a Father with a father's heart and a father's tender compassion and a father's willingness to act."  Let me be clear:  this verse is not saying you should try and wear God out by your constant praying!  God knows your requests before you utter a word.  He cannot be worn out and wants the best for you! 








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on 09.22.16 La Nise Moody commented

Amen...This is how I have been feeling the last 3 years. I was just bullied in my class I never with though that but it felt good too walk away. I pray for that person too be blessed with whatever is missing in her life and self. I thank God that he gave me victory and creates a clean heart within me everyday so that no weapon formed shall prosper.

on 09.26.16 Justin Dix commented

Thanks for sharing your testimony! Prayer brings God's power into our life situation!!
-- Justin