Exodus 20:7

01.28.16 | Justin Dix | Comments[2]

Thursday, January 28, 2016

God gives one of the 10 commandments concerning proper use of His Name.

Exodus 20:7  No using the name of God, your God, in curses or silly banter; God won't put up with the irreverent use of His Name.  (The Message)

It's common in the 21st century for people to use the name of God casually:  as a curse word or exclamation, or even as an email emoticon.  The name of God is like the American flag -- it's important because of what it represents.  If you dishonor the flag -- you dishonor the country the flag stands for.

God cares a lot about His Name.  Scribes in the Old Testament wouldn't even pronounce the Name of God for fear of dishonoring it!  Whenever they wrote the most holy Name of God, Jehovah, they would wipe their pen and wash their entire bodies -- every time they wrote that Name!  Careless use of "God" or "Jesus" will eventually bring consequences.








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on 01.28.16 Pat Dowhower commented

What do I need to do to get this on my phone (daily verse) and my grandson reminded me that he never received his birthday card Jan 1. I thought that I did this for all 3 of them this year. Could you please check? Timothy Dowhower Jan 1, Aubrey Dowhower June 25 and Kyleigh Dowhower Oct 17. Thank you and have a great day!

on 01.28.16 Trudi Cook commented

Pat Dowhower: To get the daily verse just text VERSE to 888-413-4156. I checked the birthday list for your your children's birthdays and none of their names are on the list for this year. Names do get removed after being announced and must be re-entered again. We do this to keep the list current. Thank you.