Exodus 14:14 01/23/19

01.23.19 | Justin Dix |

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Moses remembers his words to Israel about the Lord’s ever-present watch-care.

Exodus 14:14 [Moses said] “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.” (NASB)

Human beings have a natural tendency to believe, that no matter what, they are smart enough, and tough enough to handle any adversity. When things don’t work out the way you hoped or expected – it’s tempting to throw up your hands in frustration and say: “God what are you doing to me!” News flash: sometimes, our Heavenly Father orchestrates circumstances just that way to reveal your only source of strength is Him! It’s sink or swim! The “muscles” of faith towards God need this type of workout.        

In today’s verse, Moses is rallying the children of Israel.   No sooner had they left Egypt, when Pharaoh came after them again! It was all by design. The Lord specifically led Israel to a position where they had the Red Sea in front of them, and the army of Egypt behind them! It was to show Israel that God’s strength was sufficient no matter what the obstacle.

When you are facing a "Red Sea" circumstance, remember . . . you are not alone, and God will fight for you!







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