One Pulse

one pulse webOne Pulse is a dance ensemble whose members aspire to worship God through the creative expression of dance. The movement is meant to inspire praise and adoration, where a dancer’s sole focus is not on self, but the Creator. This is the true purpose of worship dance—to draw the dancer and their audiences’ affections to the Lord.

Performing mainly ballet and lyrical forms of dance, One Pulse is divided into junior and senior companies with a total of 8-10 dancers per company. Dancers are required, at minimum, to have basic training in ballet. Ideally, they should be actively training in a dance studio, and most important, have the heart of a passionate worshiper, desiring to draw others into the presence of God through dance.

Because its intent is to lead others into praise, One Pulse uses Christian music with biblical messages. Its study and performances focus on worship, enriching the Church, and freeing a broken world to experience the healing and joy of Jesus Christ.