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Darren Litz / Performing Arts Director | email

Darren B. Litz heads the music and drama outreaches at Family Life, manages program development, and produces and directs our stage productions.

Prior to coming here, Darren was the Director of Vocal & Music Theater Studies at Bradford Area High School in Bradford, PA.   In addition to being a public schools music educator for 16 years, he served as Worship Coordinator at the Bradford Christian & Missionary Alliance Church and guest directed several festivals across New York and Pennsylvania.

While living in Bradford, Darren produced, directed, arranged and choreographed materials for numerous community and high school productions.  His students performed with many national artists, earning regional, state, and all-eastern recognition in vocal competitions.

During the 1990’s, Darren rededicated his life to serving God and was inspired to create a gospel quartet, 4 Men for God, that ministered to thousands of people in all types of settings, from prisons to elegant auditoriums.  After three years of watching God open and close doors, Darren was called to Family Life in 2002.

A graduate of Indiana University of PA, Darren is a member of the American Choral Director’s Association, Music Educator’s National Conference, and received a Diplome D’Honneur for excellence in vocal music from the Federation Internationale Des Choeurs D’Enfants.  While at Bradford High School, his choral program was honored by the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Darren lives in Bath, NY, with his wife, Kim, and their two daughters, Brielle and Ainslee.  “God continues to fuel my passion for serving others with the gifts he has given me.  I give all the glory to God, because apart from Him, I can do nothing.  I am unworthy, but still His.”

Robbie Lindmark / Dramatic & Artistic Director | email

Robbie’s main responsibility is directing the Youtheatre program where all of his creativity is put to use! In addition to his directing talents, Robbie also loves to build, and assists in the set design and construction of each Family Life production. He also works with teenage actors through New Vine, Family Life’s teen drama troupe, and enjoys acting in as many shows as time allows!

Robbie grew up in Poughkeepsie NY, and after moving to Bath, began training in visual arts, theatre and music. In 2006, after seeing Robbie in a school production, Darren Litz encouraged him to audition for Narnia. Shortly after that, Robbie stepped into Family Life for the first time and was cast in the roll of Mr.Tumnus. It was this roll that launched Robbie’s exciting journey with Family Life!

Having the blessing of growing up in a loving and supportive Christian home Robbie was taught the fear of the Lord and accepted Christ’s sacrifice at a young age. However, as graduation drew closer and closer, he found himself wrestling with God about his future. What was next?

Just before graduation, Darren asked Robbie to become his apprentice for the next several months. Robbie says, “I remember feeling like God walked into the room and told me what my next step was. I was ecstatic!” Soon after, a full-time position opened and Robbie joined the Family Life team. “God only tells you what you need to know when He wants you to know it, do what you know He wants of you now and He will guide you later.”

Mike Humphrey / Technical Director, Stage Facilitator | email

Mike grew up in Warsaw, New York, a little more than an hour from Family Life, but managed to know very little about the ministry until well into his career at Houghton College.  It was there that he met the woman he would marry, Elizabeth (Crane) Humphrey, who stole his heart and introduced him to Family Life.

Mike loved school, or at least it looked that way. It took him six years to finish a four year degree because he alternated semesters between enrollment as a student and teaching ecology. It was an odd but enjoyable arrangement. After graduation, Mike and Liz married, finished teaching, and decided to pack up and make the trek to Bath.

Once in Bath, Liz began work as the Performing Arts Assistant while Mike looked for a teaching job and volunteered at Family Life close to 40 hours a week. It became clear, at least to those around him, that Mike was fighting the call to work there. Management decided enough was enough and started paying him.

In November of 2012, while the rest of the Performing Arts Department was busy presenting It’s a Wonderful Life on the road, Mike and Liz welcomed Caedmon Judah Humphrey into this world. Caedmon is their first child and Mike and Liz are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be parents.

In his spare time Mike lollygags around with his dog Rabbi, plays various instruments and sings with his family and friends, climbs trees and reluctantly watches chick flicks with his wife. He occasionally does things that satisfy his inner biologist such as breeding tropical fish, propagating rare plants, and photographing wildlife.

Ben McCarthy / Performing Arts Assistant | email

Ben can be found either on the stage or behind the scenes at nearly every Family Life theater production or outreach. He joined Family Life in 2012 following his role in the Christmas production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Since then, Ben has jumped head first into performing arts as an actor, set builder, and production assistant.

Each year Ben enjoys acting for the touring musical productions. With a heart for ministering to youth, Ben is heavily involved with Family Life’s summer camps as a teacher, discipler, and worship leader for the teen worship band, Konnected. One of Ben’s defining passions is his desire for church revival and drawing lost people toward the true character of God.

Ben grew up in the heart of Chemung County. His parents love the Lord and made it simple for Ben to make a decision for Christ at a young age. Ben’s father works as a general contractor and his mother is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys leading women’s ministry. Fortunately, Ben’s family environment instilled in him a strong work ethic and a love for people. He was homeschooled for eleven years and went to a local Christian Academy for his senior year of high school.

As the oldest of ten children, and raised as a homeschooled student in the Finger Lakes region, Ben absolutely loves the outdoors. In his spare time he can be found playing music, singing, and hiking through upstate NY’s beautiful wooded hills.

Katie Bernier / Performing Arts Assistant, Counseling Assistant | email

Katie is a 20-something who thrives on bringing order to chaos of any kind! How has this come to be? Well as the oldest of 12 children, Katie has lived a real “cheaper by the dozen” life. A natural and gifted caregiver, her greatest passion is discipling and mentoring young adults. She also loves reading, writing and blogging (AKA: truth scribbling) as a way of unwinding and processing life. So to wrap all her skills into one great career, Katie has decided to study Biblical counseling and is currently working on her certification.

Katie’s job at Family Life takes the form of an administrative assistant and then some. She works for the Performing Arts department, helping to support the ministry’s operational processes and keep matters running smoothly. She jokingly says her job is “primarily about running around behind everyone, picking up leftover pieces!” (I bet that’s much like growing up with a dozen siblings!)

An avid theater lover, Katie also serves as wardrobe manager and assistant costumer for most of Family Life’s theatrical productions. She loves to travel on the road with the acting and production crew, and thrives when she's living life “behind the stage.”