Summer Youtheatre Workshops

05.23.13 | Darcie Schwarz

kidclownGetting involved in a Youtheatre workshop is a fun way to help your son or daughter discover their artistic talents in a Christian setting. For five fun-filled days, Family Life performing arts instructors will train youth ages 8-15 in acting, stagecraft, makeup, costuming, and voice. It's an absolute blast!

This year, students will showcase their newly learned skills with a musical production of The Prodigal Clown, written by Cyndi Nine, Rob Howard and David Guthrie. See Family Life's workshop listing for dates, locations and registration info.

“Each student works incredibly hard on and off stage - singing songs, memorizing lines, and learning how to work together,” said Darren Litz, director of performing arts.

“The best part is helping these kids discover their abilities for the glory of God,” says Litz. “Workshop after workshop, we’ve seen students grow in their faith and discover new and creative ways of making the Bible come to life. It’s an honor to be involved.”

The Prodigal Clown is a modern interpretation of a Biblical story about the prodigal son, interwoven with clowns, lion tamers, trapeze artists and human cannonballs. The spotlight comes up on the Parabalini family circus. Antonio, the father, is the leader of the circus – a good man who makes an honest living entertaining audiences. AJ, the oldest son, and Giorgio, his little brother, both work for their father.

One day, after complaining about his situation, Giorgio asserts that the world must have more fun things to do. Decidedly, the youngster goes off in selfish pursuit and spends his father’s money. During his long and difficult journey, Giorgio comes to the realization that being in his father’s circus was where he belonged all along. Giorgio returns home ashamed, but to his great delight, is joyfully welcomed back by his father despite his mistakes.