Set Sail For Adventure

04.05.13 | Darcie Schwarz

peter-for-webFamily Life Youtheatre is inviting you to put on your magic flying shoes, sprinkle yourself with fairy dust, and take off for the wondrous world of NeverLand - where boys never grow up! 

As a musical adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s original play, Family Life will present four performances of Peter Pan, May 3-5. Visit for show information.

This well-known classic is about an “eternal youth” and the visitors he takes to NeverLand. The scenes of high-flying action and swashbuckler sword play will delight your family!

Starring Kateri Condon (from Horseheads), as the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan features Lydia Rech (from Wellsville) as Wendy Darling, and Jacob Hy (from Bath) as Captain Hook. These young actors range from ages 8 to 15 and make up a grand cast of 60, assisted by an 18-piece orchestra!

In the story, Peter Pan and his luminous pal, Tinker Bell, fly through the window of the Darling’s bedroom - Wendy, Michael, and John. In that moment, their lives are changed forever. Peter flies with his new friends to NeverLand to meet Peter’s gang of rag-tag runaways, The Lost Boys.

On this island, they encounter a tribe of friendly Indians led by Tiger Lily and a band of mean pirates led by Captain James Hook. As the plot turns to danger, Hook and his evil cronies capture the children. The pirates are about to have their captives walk the plank, when Peter arrives to save the day and vanquish his longtime foe, Captain James Hook.