Secret Keeper Girl

03.05.13 | Darcie Schwarz

skgtweensThe world seeks to empower women, but one of the greatest powers you can teach your daughter is the power of modesty.

"Secret Keeper Girl Live” is coming to Williamsville and Painted Post in April and seeks to teach preteen girls and their moms the secrets of true beauty. The show was developed from a series of books by Dannah Gresh - a best-selling author and speaker who encourages tweens to be modest and pursue purity.

Suzy Weibel, a lead facilitator of the show, also shares a passion for this age group and the struggles they face today. "Society has a definition of what being feminine and beautiful looks like," Weibel said. "And none of that really matches up to what the Bible says. Society’s idea of beauty is pretty unattainable and distorted. You don’t necessarily have to be a Christian to see this problem and value modesty."

The two and a half hour event features dramatized stories, fun fashion shows, a balloon sculptured stage, bouncing beach ball competitions, and confetti cannons. “The fashion show is an important aspect of the tour, Weibel said. “We use it to show the girls what modesty looks like, and they get to model the clothes, too." 

Most importantly, the show works in time for personal mother/daughter conversations, hoping to encourage honest dialogue and healthy relationship-building. Weibel says, “Families are given time to talk about what they’re seeing and hearing. This is great reinforcement, because many times the girls have questions relating to peer pressure and what’s popular at school. This gives moms a chance to speak into the personal struggles of their children.”