Laugh With Comedian Ken Davis

02.18.13 | Darcie Schwarz

kendavisnewChristian comedian, Ken Davis, tells hilarious stories and reveals unique perspectives on what it means to enjoy life as a Christian. Family Life will once again be partnering with Ken in March at these locations.

Ken is a nationally-known author and comedian whose radio program “Lighten Up!” is played on Family Life as well as across the globe. But it's Ken’s love for life and standup comedy that make him unforgettable!

 “My humor is an observational kind of humor. It’s about my family, about the people I meet. I don’t write jokes, I don’t do one-liners. I just tell stories about people. Life itself is rich with humor, and comedy has woven itself into everything I do.”

When Ken Davis performs, his passion for life and faith come through loud and clear. He uses his God-given gifts of humor and storytelling to help make important messages go deep. Comedy is a powerful communication tool.

“We live in a humorless society. Everybody is offended by everything. And sadly, we Christians often lead that flag-waving army. Comedy gives us a way to tell a story and reveal truth that, if done right, is non-threatening to listeners. It’s disarming. Much of my comedy is self-realization—making fun of myself, which makes it safe for the listener to learn the same things I am learning. Comedy opens peoples’ hearts to hear God’s truth.”

Join Family Life and Ken Davis for a performance rich with life's most essential ingredients: God and laughter!