Jaime Jamgochian

08.15.12 | Darcie Schwarz


Listen to Sonny's Interview with Jaime Jamgochian below

Family Life is bringing Jaime Jamgochian to five concert venues in late Septemeber. This will be her second concert series with Family Life, and we're really excited to have her back on stage!

Jaime is a talented piano-player and songwriter with incredible musical depth and a passionate heart after God. Her most recent album release, Above the Noise, showcases her gifts as a contemporary worship leader, and surfaced two hit singles - Everything You Are and The Stand. The entire album is a special collection of inspirational songs about having faith and finding peace in everyday life.

“When we were writing for this record, I felt like I wanted to get above the noise. I wanted to get above radio singles and touring and all the stuff that bombards me daily as a new artist. We all have crazy days. It takes time to be still. It takes time to set aside an hour to just listen to God--not just reading our Bibles and fervently praying--but just receiving his love. That’s the heart of Above the Noise.”

With a heart as big as her voice, Jaime’s music and bright personality have touched thousands, especially the lives of young women. She’s toured relentlessly over the past few years and loves reaching young people, especially teen girls. Having come to Christ during her college years, Jaime admits she made her share of mistakes and those moments have made her better able to minister to girls struggling through some of the same issues.

“I feel like I’m still young in the Lord and excited about my faith,” she says, leaning forward with a big smile. “I want the fire to burn bright and I think that comes across in my music. I’m still amazed by God’s grace and forgiveness.”

Jaime has influenced thousands of young women as she’s appeared on Point of Grace’s Girls of Grace conferences. She also stepped forward and launched her own “Modest is Hottest” conferences for young girls.