About Performing Arts

Human beings share qualities with God. That might sound strange, but it's a Christian belief. In other words, we have the capacity to think, feel, reason, and create. Look out the window, or through a microscope, or under a rock. God is pretty creative, and so are we - the created.

The goal of Family Life Performing Arts is to impact lives for Christ with the real and relevant issues that face people today. Our artists start with the groundwork before tackling any creative idea. They study the culture, investigate the struggles, and explore the challenges. When Jesus walked the earth, he called to people, met them on their turf, and fixed real problems. Our art should do the same.

Family Life puts on plays, musicals, kids productions, miming shows, and even rock concerts. We teach, too. There are programs and workshops for people who want to get involved - kids, teens, and adults. We also create original work, musical and theatrical, which makes Family Life unique. So whether you want to be a part of the show, or simply enjoy it, there are many ways to get involved with Family Life Performing Arts.

Family Life's Performing Arts from Family Life on Vimeo.