What's in a name?

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BioSandyBA few years ago I began to get interested in genealogy.  I guess that happens when you get a few years under your belt. It's like the higher I reach, the deeper I feel my roots need to go. That's when I started digging around for names. Grandparents... great grandparents... great great great - and so on.  Given names like "Crockett," "Spicer," "Linville," "Marticia".  They sounded kind of like musical notes barely heard across a mountain valley, but I couldn't quite pick out the tune.

I dug some more.  I heard stories from my aunt and my cousins, saw their family  photographs, and found websites that connected these names to a time and place - to a history. Suddenly those old-timey names, those distant disconnected notes came together like a dulcimer song.  These names became living, breathing people who walked this world, who knew love and sorrow, life and death.  They were more than just funny sounding words... they were real. I knew them because my aunt and cousins knew them.

For a lot of people the name "Jesus" is disconnected from anything real.  For some it's a swear word.  For some it's a guy in sandals and robe buried in a dusty old book. For me, the name of Jesus is like a symphony that fills the corners of creation.  It's a whisper... it's a roar, it's joy and laughter that echoes through stars and galaxies.  That name is life and breath and my very being.  I know His story.  I know what He has done, what He's doing. 

Just like I didn't really know who these people with the funny names were until my relatives told me, so many people have no idea who Jesus is until we begin to tell them - really tell them with all the colors, sounds, and imagination that we have.  The name of Jesus Christ is life.  Period.

I guess that's why we do what we do.

I guess that's why we have Sharathon.

And I'm so grateful that I'm part of this.

Later, y'all...



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on 10.15.09 Susan (Flenniken) Keim commented

Very eloquently said!

on 10.19.11 Ramesh commented

Jesus is our Savior.he loves us.His name is wonderful and counselor. His name save us from all sins.




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