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Gray day... it's like early winter showing up on your doorstep with a suitcase. But inside is all life and warmth.  I'm at Family Life right now.  It's the place I work - the place where God has placed my footsteps. It's the place where I walk out His will. 

New faces mingle with familiar ones... new voices mix into conversations as they melded into part of the family.  New names like Kurt, Rachelle, Jean become part of our lives.  I mull over what brings us all here, what identifies us as kindred and makes us want to hug people we've just met.  I can only thing of one thing - two words, a single name... Jesus Christ.

The very name that sets the world's teeth on edge is the name that weaves His children together. In fact, it's more than a name - it's power, it's hope, it's the future, it's... everything! This is not just a pretty idea - this is for real. Against the tsunami of darkness that threatens to overwhelm us, His name stands.  And no force on earth or in hell can  overcome it. Ever.

I guess I'm musing on this in the middle of Sharathon because I know tha outside of this pocket of joy there's still a battle going on. That's why we do what we do here.  To hold high the only name, the only truth that sets us free. 

Thank you Lord Jesus...


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on 10.17.09 Faith Bogdan commented

Simply wonderful, Sandy! It's a tiny taste of what Heaven will be like....

on 10.19.09 Peter Smith commented

I believe that if we listen God will put us where He want's us to be. Often that is where we feel the best. I can see you have are living your life listening to God!

on 10.30.09 Randy Negley commented

Thanks for that reminder that we are daily in the spiritual battle and reminding us of the passage in Romans 8:37 ".. we are more than conquerors through HIM that loved us".

Keep on Keep'in on for Jesus till he comes for us !!!

on 10.20.10 Justin K commented

Amen, Thank you Lord, Jesus Christ.
Wow, this really speaks your heart and I'm sure GOD herd. Lol, God is always planning and ordaining our steps. He knows what we are gonna do before we do it and he has got our backs. Even amidst a pocket of joy, or in the battle raging outside the pocket: "If GOD be for us who can be Against us!"




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