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I’m Sandy Brownlee, and this is my blog – “Room with a View.”  I wanted a blog name that would let me roam but provide some fences so I don’t wander too far.  These are my views as I look from my room out on the world – and my reflections on what I see there.

We all have rooms from which we peer out at life, filled of artifacts from the past, unopened dreams of the future and the clutter of the present.  All of these tint the windows we peer through, and shape the world we see.  Sometimes we avoid looking out there. We will admire the curtains, dust the shelves and rearrange the furniture rather than face the light – or dark beyond our walls.  Problem is, the dark’s still out there whether we look or not.  Good news is the Light will never be overshadowed by it. 

It’s a beautiful - and dangerous world.  I live there… you live there… and God most definitely inhabits every corner of it.  This blog will simply be me, telling you what I see as God pours light into my little room through my sometimes dirty windows. 

And I hope you’ll share what you see with me.

Blessings and more later…


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on 06.29.09 Skip Bond commented

I also will look forward to looking out our somewhat dirty windows with you

on 06.26.09 Jack Hager commented

I look forward to reading!

on 08.13.11 justthree420 commented

The name of your blog caught my eye. Very catchy.




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