We believe in the art and science of Biblical counseling, a practice based on counseling methods and Biblical truth. The difference between Biblical counseling and other counseling approaches is the Word of God, which has power to bring about a permanent change of heart, mind, and will. Biblical counseling teaches that relying on Christ is ultimately how we find and keep the strength to make change last.

Start Your Healing Journey

Family Life Biblical Counseling and His Healing Light Ministries work together to bring “The Healing Journey” to the Family Life listening area. This amazing counseling program helps those suffering from mental illness, traumas, and addictions heal under the light of God’s truth. The program breaks down in a few different ways.

The Healing Journey Class: a 29-week study curriculum that helps to heal the mind, heart, and emotions with Bible-based truth. Small groups are no larger than 7 or 8 students. Classes start every September and meet in facilities and homes across NY and PA.

Bootcamps: Students most affected by The Healing Journey Class often times express interest in running a class themselves. The Healing Journey Bootcamps are 4-day intensive training programs that prepares men and women to become facilitators of "The Healing Journey” class. Boot Camps are held in May and individuals are usually invited by a Family Life counselor.

Retreats: The Healing Journey retreat is a refreshing getaway weekend for men and women who have finished the 29-week “Healing Journey” Class. There are two retreats a year – a men’s retreat and a women’s retreat – and any Healing Journey student, past or present, is invited to attend.

Contact Family Life's Biblical counselors Gary Short or Barb Short with questions.

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