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“Building Our Future Together” 

Since its inception in 1957, Family Life has sought to impact lives with the message of hope through as many means as possible.  The programming elements of the ministry have changed over the years to coincide with societal changes, but the message has steadfastly remained the same. 

As the organization has experienced incredible growth over the past decade, the need for additional space has escalated.  Family Life’s “Building Our Future Together” campaign will meet the need for its growing outreach.  Part of the 56,000 square foot building that was purchased by the organization near Corning, NY, will be retrofitted to accommodate all of Family Life’s departmental needs.  Half of that building, along with additional construction, will establish a 2,000-seat auditorium/theater and a Center for the Arts. 

Family Life’s combined outreach touches the lives of tens of thousands of people every day by providing encouragement, training, instruction, counseling, and companionship while addressing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each individual.  Family Life ranks among the top 15% of this nation’s non-profit organizations according to Charity Navigator.  The ministry has also been recognized for its standard of excellence with the presentation of the “Most Trusted Nonprofit Award” by MinistryVoice. 

The “Building Our Future Together” campaign will be the largest fund-raising endeavor that Family Life has ever undertaken.  Throughout its history, the organization has begun numerous major projects with no initial resources only to watch our God supply the need.  It is our prayer, that as you learn more about Family Life’s vision for the future, you will be part of His plan for this exciting project!



Impact of New Building 

Family Life’s management team has established specific program goals that will be beneficial in evaluating each department’s effectiveness in utilizing the organization’s proposed new facility. 

The Radio department will provide many more interactive experiences with listeners and concert attendees with this new facility.  A viewing area, that will also double as a venue for artist interviews/performances, will allow visitors to experience first-hand the on-air radio experience.  The expanded radio facilities will provide the radio staff with the opportunity of conducting workshops on voice-overs, creative writing, audio recording, production, and editing.  With every radio office also being a personal production room, efficiency and productivity will be enhanced. 

The Performing Arts department will immediately be able to provide more opportunities for participants in stage productions, youth theater training, and individual instruction with this new facility.   The Center for the Arts will accommodate multiple music studios for training in various instrumental disciplines.  Vocal training will also be offered, both individually and with larger groups.  Sizable and professional dance studios will welcome classes for all ages, and opportunities for students to be involved in small ensembles will be augmented by the spacious rehearsal rooms. 

The Biblical Counseling department will have additional opportunities to help individuals with pressing needs because of expanded facilities.  Multiple individual counselling rooms are part of the building wing set aside for this department.  Larger conference rooms will accommodate small group sessions of “The Healing Journey”.  An increase in the number of seminars, conferences, and weekend retreats conducted by this department will attract participants from across New York and Pennsylvania because of overnight accommodations nearby. 

Family Life departments in Creative Services, Events, IT/Engineering, Marketing, and Development will appreciate the added space to expand their efforts in each of these areas.  A large kitchen will allow for the entertainment of up to 800 dinner guests.  A café’ will welcome visitors in an informal setting, while the spacious auditorium/theater, professional stage, and accessory rooms will accommodate a variety of artists and major theatrical performances.  A more-than-adequate amount of open and storage space will support future growth for years to come.



God is At Work! 

For the past two decades, Family Life has been praying about expansion opportunities.  In 2006, the ministry purchased over sixty acres of property off the Interstate in Kanona anticipating building its future headquarters at this site.  In 2008, Family Life was contacted about a vacant building in the Corning area as another potential location for the ministry with a cost of $2.8 million.  But the economy and timing were not right.  In 2014, Family Life’s Board of Directors made the decision to begin developing plans for the Kanona site… 

But our ways are not always God’s ways 

After initial drawings were completed and site development was analyzed, Family Life’s architects recommended looking at potential other sites, other than the Kanona site, as the cost for excavation and the securing of public utilities were prohibitive.  In the summer of 2016, Family Life was again contacted again about the building near Corning as its price been drastically reduced.  Subsequent conversations revealed that a principal owner of the building was a strong Family Life supporter. 

The price presented by this ministry friend was half the cost of what it had been in 2008.  But there was one condition, the purchase had to be made by the end of 2016.  The Lord started the miracle process when a generous couple offered a $500,000 matching gift if Family Life would purchase the building.  In December, Family Life supporters donated over $1,000,000 and the ministry paid cash for the structure.  A year later, donors contributed another $850,000 to purchase adjoining property to allow for the expansion of Family Life’s headquarters. 

Family Life was required by the local zoning board to extend the dead-end road in front of its property to accommodate increased traffic the ministry would bring to the area.  After three rejections from New York State’s Governor’s office for a grant to help with the road, God did another miracle right before Christmas 2018.  The region’s State Senator was able to secure a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Transportation for the Town of Erwin to allow for the extension of the road.  This miracle, that frees Family Life from all the infrastructure cost, is just another indication of the Lord’s blessing on this project!