Work continues around the clock to combat lake shore flooding

05.26.17 | Bob Price

Town officials say at least a dozen homes have now been evacuated in Monroe County due to flooding.

Lake shore homeowners say Thursday was the worst they have seen the water rising in their streets and properties.

Jordan Bowser of East Wautoma Beach said he's dealing with three challenging elements: The lake's crashing waves, an overflowing creek and flooded streets for weeks.

"Words can't really explain the feelings that you have with dealing with this," said Bowser. "It's just a never-ending process. Just all coming together. Sucks."

Town workers are also battling the same problem.

Sandbag deliveries happened around the clock.

Workers also brought concrete blocks to build additional break walls where water is crashing in from the lake.

Fire officials advised some to pack up and leave.

"I basically told them I'm not leaving, because I'm not going to leave and let the house go underwater. I'm going to try to prevent the water from getting in," said Bowser.

Over in Greece, people worked all day Thursday to keep the water out.

Then, many homeowners attended a community meeting at Lakeview Church.

Supervisor Bill Reilich spoke and gave homeowners information, before answering questions.

"Hopefully some relief," said Jamie Horton, who's trying to prevent flooding from Long Pond. "Doing whatever we can to stop the damage from happening."

Lakeshore communities are now looking more like disaster zones as the flooding spreads beyond lake shore properties onto homes across the street.

Homeowners say the flooding isn't going away.

Officials in the Town of Greece are asking residents to write down how much damage their property has incurred.