With four days to go 'til primary day, Pennsylvania is the center of the political universe

04.22.16 | Bob Price

The candidates for president are "keying in" on the Keystone State. GOP front-runner Donald Trump at a rally last night in Harrisburg.  

Ted Cruz headlines a campaign event this morning in Williamsport.  He'll also be in Scranton this afternoon.

Last night, Cruz took Trump to task for his support of controversial "bathroom bill" legislation.  Trump said yesterday he supports the transgendered being allowed to use the restrooms of the opposite sex.   Pro-family activist Jason McGuire says this posturing represents an affront to Christian values.  He insists, "the idea that gender is a creation of God is under attack in America today."  Mike Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute addressed concern about personal privacy and safety.  Geer thinks Trump's position on the "bathroom bill" debate could hurt him with conservatives in the commonwealth.    

John Kasich will be in the Pittsburgh area on Monday.

With just a few days to go before Pennsylvanian's go to the polls, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton will be stumping in the Family Life listening area as well.  She'll appear at Dunmore High School this evening.

Bernie Sanders will hold a rally at Millerville University near Lancaster this afternoon.