Wind storm clean up continues

02.26.19 | Brandon Dickson

Two days of wicked winds have wreaked havoc on trees and power lines.

There's still nearly 10,000 in the dark in New York, and more than 50,000 without the juice in Pennsylvania as of this morning.

Crews have been working to cut up trees and restore electricity to customers, but at least a couple power companies say it may be midnight tonight until everyone has their electricity restored.

Warming centers have opened to offer a safe place to escape the cold, but some of those still in the dark have made other plans.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gale Burstein, the Erie County Health Commissioner, says if you lost power check, make sure your food doesn't smell bad.

National grid will begin offering customers dry ice to keep perishables cold and bottled water.  The utility company asks that you bring a small cooler or shopping bag to transport their dry ice home.