Will Bob Casey try to block Trump's Supreme Court pick?

02.24.17 | Bob Price

On most of President Trump’s biggest moves, Sen. Bob Casey has been firm and clear in opposing him.

But on perhaps Trump’s most significant step yet, Casey is hedging.

The Pennsylvania Democrat has been careful in his statements on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, voicing concerns about the judge’s record but avoiding a clear statement on how he will vote. Unlike Trump cabinet nominees, who have won confirmation by relying on the Republican majority in the Senate, Gorsuch needs 60 votes, which means converting at least eight Democrats.

Casey is on the front line of that fight, with conservative and liberal activists targeting him and nine other Democratic senators from  states Trump won and who will be up for reelection next year. While Casey has aggressively denounced some of Trump’s most controversial cabinet picks, his vote wasn’t needed for their confirmations. This time his decision might have more impact.

But the senator was circumspect after meeting with Gorsuch at his Senate office in Washington last week. He declined to talk to reporters, instead issuing a statement in which he promised to continue reviewing the judge’s record and to monitor his confirmation hearing, set for March 20.