Warm weather brings out the pests

02.24.17 | Bob Price

With the warm weather this week, you may have noticed more bugs outside and maybe even in your home.

We got the most complaints Thursday on social media about stink bugs. The exterminator we spoke with says stink bugs are out right now because it's so warm. They got into your house back in September, and now they're emerging to find food and reproduce. You could get an exterminator to help you out, but that won't stop all of the stink bugs.

Daniel McIntosh with Ehrlich says that's because right now the only stink bugs coming out are from the Southwest side of your home where it's the warmest.

"The rest of the home, they may come out next month, they may come out two months from now. So what we like to do is come in the late summer to early fall and do one, maybe two treatments, and that will stop them from getting in in the first place," says McIntosh. "They're primarily annoying especially if someone has pets or touches them, as their name implies, they give off a foul odor and can be a nuisance."

The warm weather is also causing ants, bees, and flies to come out and look for food.

McIntosh says if it stays warm, this is going to be a bad year for yellow jackets, stinging insects, spiders, and sand flies.