The winds of change are blowing through parts of NY and PA

10.30.17 | Bob Price

A drenching rain yesterday combined with high winds this morning has utility crews bracing for wide-spread power outages this afternoon and evening.
Monroe County, NY Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says the soaking rains and wind "could power lines to come down, and potentially trees and limbs."

There are flood warnings in effect for coastal communities near the Great Lakes as well as south and east of Binghamton.

Upwards of a million people are "in the dark" in the northeast on this five-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Emergency officials say if you come in contact with a downed power line, call them.  Avoid touching it or driving over it.

Winds could gust to 60 miles per hour this afternoon and our listeners south and east of buffalo could pick up 1 to 4 inches of "lake flakes" late tonight and into tomorrow.