Senator Gillibrand Pushes for Affordable Child Care

03.13.14 | Bob Price

New York State is ranked the second least-affordable state for full-time infant day care.Senator Gillibrand is pushing for legislation to make it affordable for working families.

Typically in the Southern Tier parents spend eight thousand dollars or more a year on a child for day care services. Senator Gillibrand announced today an initiative to expand tax deductions for child care cost.She introduced The Child Care Deduction which would allow middle class families to deduct the cost of child care from their taxes as a business expense. The Child Care Development Block Grant is being debated on the Senate floor this week.

Senator Gillibrand said, “This will allow the states to create a break for the most at risk families, however only the ones eligible are the lowest income families in our communities. Tax deductions would provide for middle class families.”

She also is pushing for more New York State businesses to provide on-site child care services for employees. Legislation would provide 35 percent of cost for creating these facilities compared to the current 25 percent. This push for affordable child care is part of her American Opportunity Agenda which is aiming for women to have a fair shot as earning financial security.

Amber Thompson, the director at Country Kids Childcare knows how her services can affect parent’s pocket books.

“We have great parents all are very open and willing to work with us and some are struggling saying they may have to go part time they don't want to lose their job but they cannot manage it.”

She thinks Senator Gillibrand’s proposal for tax breaks for child care is a smart investment.

“In order for someone to work and better themselves and their families but still have quality care for their children it would be very helpful. “