Reigning in the SAFE act

08.01.17 | Sarah Harnisch

There was a back and forth verbal fight between the governor of New York and a congressman last night, over new legislation that would repeal a portion of New York's SAFE law.

Representative Chris Collins said Monday he is confident he can get part of the law repealed on a federal level where the state has failed.  Many police departments agree.
Republican lawmakers have offered plans to replace the law for four years, but every year they have failed.

Collins's new federal bill would prevent states from regulating rifles and shotguns.
Late last night, the governor called the legislation a "blatant politic ploy" and said it has no basis, the since the court has upheld his act.

Collins responded by saying, "the 10th Amendment respects states' rights until they violate another Constitutional amendment." He says he has broad support from many other lawmakers.