Pro-life groups take on New York state for new hiring law

11.19.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Several pro-life organizations and a church are taking on Governor Andrew Cuomo for signing a new law they say will force them to employ workers who oppose their values and pro-life mission.

Alliance Defending Freedom's Denise Harle says, "this would be like forcing the NAACAP to employ individuals who discriminate based on race."

One of the parties represented by ADF includes Rochester-based CompassCare.

Signed Senate Bill 660 would also make it impossible for a pro-life organization, including pregnancy care centers, to fire an employee who chooses to have an abortion.

Jason Conwall, a spokesperson for the Gov. Cuomo insists the law stops discrimination.  Conwall has called the suit against the state "frivolous" and "ridiculous."