Presidential candidates fight for New York votes

04.15.16 | Bob Price

Sanders called into question Clinton's judgement for her support of the Iraq war.

Clinton responsed that New Yorkers trusted her to be a senator and President Obama trusted her to be Secretary of State.

The debate comes as voters in New York prepare to go to the polls next Tuesday to pick a presidential candidate.
In the Republican race, all three candidates attended a black-tie fundraiser in the Big Apple last night. About a hundred protestors showed up to protest Donald Trump.           Also on stage at the GOP gala, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  Cruz promised if elected to simplify the tax code.  And Kasich said both his GOP rivals have big negatives.

Kasich got a big endorsement yesterday from former New York governor George Pataki.  Today, he'll speak at town halls in Watertown and Utica.

Ted Cruz makes appearances today in Binghamton and Rochester.

Donald Trump will be in Syracuse tomorrow.