Prepping For Tuesday’s Winter Storm

03.13.17 | Bob Price

The parking lot at the Shoprite in Mount Pocono was full, inside, the store was packed. Crowded deli counters, shopping carts filled up and long lines at the registers.
People prepping for the Nor`Easter expected to hit our region early Tuesday. Potentially leading to problems on the roads and power outages.

"I literally looked in the fridge today and I literally had an inch of milk so I needed milk and there`s snow coming so I had to get it before everyone else," said Jeff Maiorana of Long Pond.

Lowes in Bartonsville sold twelve generators today alone. Milton Lewis just moved from Texas to Stroudsburg and had to have a snow-blower for all the snow on the way.

"We got the food the guy came to fill up the propane tank yesterday so I`m just ready for it," Milton Lewis of Stroudsburg.

Some families made several stops, picking up fuel, toiletries and more just to make sure they are ready.

"We went to Lowes so we could get some wood for the fire place and we need some candles now just in case and he wants some seafood that`s why he is here. I want my crab legs," said Ivette Stokes of Mount Pocono.

It's the calm before the storm at this Penndot shed near Pittston. A spokesperson tells Newswatch 16 crews are busy getting equipment ready for the long haul on the roads.

"It's the rate at which its coming down that really has us concerned because we will go by a spot and plow the road and soon as we are passed the area thirty minutes later you'll have an inch of snow on the ground again," says James May of Penndot.

So before the flakes fly, many people wanted to get the necessary shopping out of the way.

"It is not like you are going to be stuck inside forever you know what I mean it`s a day better get it done today because tomorrow is going to be a nuthouse in here," said Lori Wilson of Tobyhanna.