Powerful Hail Storm Brings Down Trees, Damages Homes in Bradford County

07.26.16 | Bob Price

It was raining all day in the Twin Tiers, but some regions got a lot more than just rain. Large hail came down in Pennsylvania, leaving several neighborhoods a mess. 

"They were hitting my house, they broke the windshield on my car," Towanda resident Edith Keeney said.

Keeney can't remember the last time she saw hail falling from the sky, damaging cars and homes in her neighborhood.

"It looked like snow. It was horrible," said Keeney.

She was home with her four grandchildren when a powerful storm rolled through Towanda, Pennsylvania.

Just down the street from her home, a massive tree snapped in two, bringing down live wires.

"I'm lucky it went that way instead of over on my way," said Keeney.

This neighborhood and several others are without power.

The fire chief says major storms like this one are becoming all too common.

"Lately we have. About three weeks ago we had one come through town, and it took a couple sheds down on our property, the fire department," Towanda Borough Fire Chief Bill Roof said.

The tree came down on Route 220, one of Pennsylvania's major arteries. Trucks trying to get through have been stuck for hours.

"We don't have any other routes right here. We're too heavy to go on any other country roads to get around this so we're stuck until they get it cleaned up," truck driver Steve Hetrick said.

In the meantime, kids in the neighborhood are making the best of the situation, as the community starts the long process of cleaning up.