Pittsburgh ranks in top 10 cities to start your career

05.26.17 | Bob Price

For graduates looking for some free advice, a new survey says Pittsburgh is a good place to start your career.


The survey also mentions nine other cities to consider, and ten places that don't fare so well for young people, but hey, Pittsburgh.


The Steel City ranked ninth in the top ten list for cities to start your career according to a survey by Bankrate.com.


The career survey's top five cities were Houston, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Washington D.C., Milwaukee and Dallas.


The study reviewed the 50 largest metro areas in the country and based its ranking on several factors including: the job market, potential for long-term career-building, affordability and lifestyle for recent college graduates.


In writing about the survey Bankrate.com said that the "analysis also includes affordability and lifestyle factors (including REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF like bars per 1,000 residents and the share of 22- to 26-year-olds in the local population)."


On the flip side, the metro areas that were ranked the worst were San Bernardino, Calif., Miami, Sacramento, Memphis, and Tampa.