Pennsylvania Has Second Highest-Paid Lawmakers in Country

06.10.14 | FL News Team

According to the National Conference of State Legislators, Pennsylvania's lawmakers continue to have the second-highest average salary in the nation.
California is first, with an average legislator salary of $90,526, and Pennsylvania's average lawmaker pay is $84,012.
Eric Epstein of the watch group Rock The Capital says Pennsylvania lawmakers didn't get the memo:  
"You see other legislatures engaging in shared sacrifice," said Epstein. "You see numerous legislatures in the country that have frozen their pay and several that have reduced their pay."
Epstein says California's salary average dropped $5,000 in the past two years while Pennsylvania's average lawmaker pay increased $4,000 since 2012-that's for part-time work. He says there's never been a constitutional amendment to become a full time legislature-and plans to downsize the amount of lawmakers in Pennsylvania, never seem to materialize.