PA tax reformers drum up support to abolish property taxes

12.17.13 | Bob Price

A group called “Real Reform 76” ....named after Senate Bill 76...which would abolish local school property taxes has been campaigning in places like Centre, Erie, Allegheny and Crawford counties the past month, trying to drum up support for historic tax reforms in the Commonwealth.  Another group, Citizens Against Property Taxes of Luzerne County (CAPTAX) is holding a special meeting at Luzerne County Community College at 2 p.m. today to speak to residents about Senate Bill 76.  The president of CAPTAX, said she hopes the meeting will encourage residents to get on board with the passage of the bill.  According to tax reformers, 26 state senators have co-sponsored or publicly supported the bill, but the target number is 35.  Advocates of the legislation argue school property taxes should be eliminated because seniors and middle-to-low income families are struggling to pay the tax.  CAPTAX is hopeful the bill will be voted on in the Senate by the end of December.