PA patients may not be able to find enough doctors to dispense medical marijuana

08.08.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The state health department launched its medical marijuana registry program for doctors last month. Physicians who want to refer patients for the drug need to sign up and complete a training course.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society, the state's largest organization of doctors, came out against the medical pot law as it moved through the legislative process.

Dr. Charles pollack with Thomas Jefferson University says some hesitancy is common in the early stages.

Low doctor participation has plagued other states including New York, which has enrolled less than two percent of active physicians in the state since January 2016.

Marijuana's federal classification alongside ecstasy and heroin has also complicated matters.

Pro-family groups continue to express concern for marijuana as a gateway drug.

The medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania is expected to roll out next year for patients.