PA Lawmakers Negotiate Liquor Sales

06.16.14 | Sarah Harnisch

  With 2 weeks before Pennsylvania state lawmakers call it quits until September, Senate leaders behind closed doors are negotiating the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores.  The House bill would phase out 600 state liquor stores and allow wine and beer sales in grocery stories with restaurant licenses. But the senate plan keeps the state stores open-- but still allows sales in grocery stores. Under both bills, Pennsylvania would oversee all the sales-- making it the only state-- other than Utah-- to do so. Supporters say it will raise hundreds of millions of dollars when the state faces 1.5 billion dollar deficit. Opponents say the extra tax money means more Pennsylvanians are buying alcohol because it's accessible-- and it's not morally right to solve the budget with booze sales. Deliberations are ramping up-- with the June 30th budget deadline edging closer.