Pa couple killed over “noise complaint”

11.08.13 | Bob Price

A Westmoreland County couple killed in a shooting Wednesday were shot during an apparent neighborhood dispute, police said. During a morning news conference Thursday, investigators said the victims and the shooter were involved in an ongoing feud over noise complaints and “petty annoyances.” Investigators said the alleged shooter, 51-year-old Philip Cancilla, had no criminal record and the guns used in the slayings were registered to him.  Trooper Stephen Limani said neighbors reported hearing screaming, then gunfire shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday at the Hempfield Heights complex just off Route 30 in Hempfield Township. Troopers arrived to find 23-year-old Christina White and 30-year-old Timothy Reffner, who were walking to do laundry, dead and immediately blocked off a street leading to the complex. Autopsies determined White was shot five times and Reffner six times, all in the head and back. After several hours of searching, Cancilla was also found dead inside of a nearby apartment, officials said.  Investigators said Cancilla had a history of complaints about his neighbors, most recently about noise, and left a note saying only, "Can only be provoked so long before exploding."