O'Mara Supports Legislation to Legalize, Regulate Medical Marijuana

03.05.14 | Bob Price

New York State Senator Tom O'Mara (R-Big Flats) said Tuesday that he supports legislation that would legalize medical marijuana. His statement calls it the most tightly-regulated and restrictive medical marijuana system in the country.

O'Mara said he will work to pass the Compassionate Care Act. He said the bill allows safe, limited access to marijuana for people who suffer from serious diseases. O’Mara said he has spoken with seriously ill patients and families and decided medical marijuana can improve their quality of life.

“I'm not opposed to medical marijuana, I think it's something that should be done through the legislature so that we make sure that it's being done in a fashion that provides relief to those who can get it using this type of drug,” said O’Mara in a recent interview. “I don't see the use of marijuana as a drug any differently than the use of OxyContin or any other prescription-controlled medicine.”

According to the organization supporting the act, it would restrict marijuana to those suffering from life-threatening or debilitating illnesses. They would need supervision from their health care provider.