New Pa. congressional district map being challenged

02.22.18 | Bob Price

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania on Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a new congressional map in the state that was drawn after the old one was deemed gerrymandered.

The Republican leaders in the state House and Senate filed an emergency request that the high court stay the state Supreme Court’s redrawn congressional map released a day earlier, The Associated Press reported

The request argues that the state Supreme Court usurped the legislature’s power in issuing the new map, and “without intervention from [the Supreme Court], elections will not proceed under the lawfully enacted 2011 Plan.”

The state Supreme Court ruled last month that the previous congressional map, drawn by Republicans in 2011, was unlawfully gerrymandered along partisan lines, and ordered a new map to be drawn and used beginning with this year's midterm elections.

Republicans in the state have vehemently opposed the decision. They previously requested that the U.S. Supreme Court stay the state court's initial ruling, but that request was rejected earlier this month.

President Trump on Tuesday argued the state's original map was "correct," and encouraged Republicans to fight the ruling in court.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) called for a "conversation" about impeaching state Supreme Court justices over their new congressional map, which both parties say will benefit Democrats.