Multiple Families Displaced after Building Collapse in Towanda

02.24.17 | Bob Price

Several families in Towanda have been evacuated from their apartments after a portion of their building unexpectedly collapsed.

     At least 8 apartments were condemned. A corner portion of the back of a building on Bridge Street in Towanda collapsed some time overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning. One neighbor says the damage was originally minor, but got worse Thursday afternoon.

     "A smaller portion had fell at first, so there was already some bricks laying around in a little pile. They had it roped off and taped off and everything. And then a huge portion of it, which is what's left now, fell all at once and took down the stairs," says Chris Stiehl, who lives nearby.

     Around 4:30 Thursday evening, construction workers were hauling in new wood and other materials to try and stabilize the structure. According to neighbors, people were coming and going to check on the site all day.

     "Last night people showed up and took a look at it - I'm not sure who they were, and then this morning it was actually quiet until probably 11:30 this morning - just spectators coming and going. But then important people, I guess, started to show up and it got real busy and all day there's been people here," Stiehl says.

     Another neighbor who lives in the adjacent building, and is also a store owner, says business was slower on Thursday, but the collapse didn't affect her side of the building.

     "Well, it wasn't as busy today. I think that everybody went down to the bar to discuss it but it didn't really affect my business at all. I'm not part of that building - there's a separation so, thank goodness," says Colleen Pozzi, Owner of C&B Unique Boutique.

     One of her regular customers lives in one of the apartment buildings which was condemned, but told her no one was hurt.

     "Nope, nobody was hurt. Luckily it was just the back wall so, thank God and nobody was out there," Pozzi says.

     Others on scene tell WENY News the Red Cross is assisting the displaced families affected by the collapse. Stay with WENY News for any developments in this story.