More of the Same: Lake Flood Warning On Ontario Shore

05.25.17 | Bob Price

While all of Western New York will see some rainfall Thursday, the high winds along the Lake Ontario shore could cause enough problems today that the National Weather Service has issued another round of warnings. 

The National Weather Service has extended the flood warning for Lake Ontario extending across Niagara, Orleans and Monroe counties. The warning goes from 8 this morning to early Friday morning.  The warning includes  a beach-hazards statement which advises against swimming in Lake Ontario during this time, because of the possibility of "life threatening waves and currents"

"This rain certainly won't help things, but (our warning) has nothing to do with what's falling now," says National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Hamilton.  "It's one hundred percent due to the wind direction. Wind direction and speed is the cause of this.  It's kind of like, you think about a hurricane coming up the coast and the water piles up on shore. It has nothing to do with how much rain is being generated by the hurricane, it's all a function of the wind and the wind speed."