Mayor Peduto signs Pittsburgh gun legislation; legal challenges are looming for city

04.10.19 | Bob Price

Mayor Bill Peduto invoked an impassioned declaration to validate the city of Pittsburgh's new gun legislation before signing it into law Tuesday afternoon. It carried a blunt directive that will shape the city's fight against opposition groups.

"Our citizens have a constitutional right to life, and that outweighs a gun manufacturer's right to profit," Peduto said. "We know that the capacity of these guns -- not simply the amount of bullets they can hold, but the volume at which they can hit a human body -- is something that doctors will tell you they can't sew, they can't fix."

Lawsuits were filed against the city minutes after the bills were signed, stating that Pittsburgh is violating Pennsylvania laws that prohibit local municipalities from creating their own gun laws.

Peduto indicated that the city is ready to take on the legal battles that await.

"So what we're going to do is we're going to overturn this law, and then we're going to overturn this law in Florida, and then we're going to overturn this law in other states," he said.

A handful of gun rights activists arrived at Peduto's office late Tuesday morning, asking if they could get inside for the noontime signing of the legislation.

"I want to witness the mayor breaking the law -- and where is the DA, where is the sheriff? Why ain't they over here to take care of my rights? That's why I'm down here," said David Haid, of Mount Washington.

There was no scene or conflict with the uninvited visitors but they weren't allowed inside.