Lost dog found alive, 80 miles from home

09.13.16 | Bob Price

When Pam and Joe McLaughlin of Allegany County lost their dog in February, they feared the worst.

“I thought he was gone,” Joe McLaughlin said. “Either hit by a car, or we have a lot of coyotes. But he survived, and it’s unbelievable.”

On Thursday, they got the call that their Australian Shepherd mix named Kacy was alive. He was found 80 miles away from home in Batavia, Genesee County.

“To have him survive all the cold and all the nasty weather, and to be able to find all of the food for himself, we were just amazed,” said Pam McLaughlin. “Especially all the way to Batavia.”

Kacy ran away on a chilly February evening after the McLaughlins let him out for a walk.

Through the snow, rain and summer drought, a woman noticed Kacy on her porch in Batavia Thursday morning.

“I broke down and cried,” Pam McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin broke down when Kacy’s photo appeared on a Genesee County “Lost Pet” Facebook page.

By Saturday, animal control cleared him to go home.

“He was being watched over by somebody,” Pam McLaughlin said. “There's no other way he would've survived out there like that without some higher power watching him.”

Kacy suffered frost bite on his ear and is being treated for flees and worms. Other than that, his family reports that he is in good health.