Jury selection continues today in the trial of accused cop killer Eric Frein in PA

03.10.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Two out of three of the jurors questioned so far in Chester County say they're familiar with the case, even though the crime happened 100 miles away in Pike County.  

District Attorney Ray Tonkin says he's looking forward "selecting a fair and impartial jury" in order to justice in the case.

Once the jury is assembled in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the criminal proceeding will head back to northeastern Pennsylvania.

Defense attorneys admit, that's going to be a huge inconvenience for those hearing the case.

Frein is accused of shooting to death a state trooper and seriously injuring another outside the Blooming Grove barracks in September of 2014.  

Following the ambush he led police on the largest manhunt in Pennsylvania state history before being captured 48 days later in an abandoned airport hanger.  

If convicted, he could face the death penalty.