Inmates at a Schuylkill County PA prison are fostering new friendships through a dog training program

02.16.17 |

Prisoners help acclimate pooches for adoption by spending time playing with and training their furry-four-legged friends.

Five dogs per month are brought to the state correctional facility in Frackville from over-crowded shelters in the south.  

One inmate says the dogs have a calming effect on the prison.  He says, "We're getting a second chance and can show we are redeemable."

After a four-week training program, the dogs are put up for adoption.  

Prison Supervisor Kathy Brittain says it's "a win-win for everybody."

During their training, the dogs stay with the inmates, even sleeping with them in their cells each night.  

The Frackville prison has been hosting this innovative dog adoption program for nearly a year.