Hornell Hospital to Cut Services, Look for Long-Term Plan

02.13.14 | Bob Price

Hornell's St. James Mercy Hospital leaders say if they don't reduce services, they won't be able to stay open. Wednesday night, they asked the community for ideas while they develop a long-term plan.

The hospital’s CEO told people at the meeting that they will look for a "new vision" for the hospital. The hospital recently laid off employees. They say now, budget problems will force them to cut some services and focus on others.

”It's the federal and state budget deficits overall, it's not any one administration, it's not any one act,” said Jennifer Sullivan, St. James Mercy Interim President and CEO. “But the bottom line is reimbursement cuts are here. They are continuing and they make it a huge challenge to come up with an equation that's financially sustainable.”

Sullivan said a task force of healthcare workers, business leaders and others will decide which services to cut. She says that will be announced around June.